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Non-Immigrant Visas

Administrative Process Status for Non-Immigrant Visa Applicants

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, we are currently experiencing delays in administrative processing. Most cases require 3-7 months to complete their administrative processing. However, please understand that this process has no time constraints and may take even longer.

If your case number appears below, please appear in person at your earliest convenience with your passport. You can drop off your passport at the Embassy on any business day in our consular drop-box, located just inside the embassy entrance. The Embassy is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You do not need an appointment to drop off your passport. The security guard at the drop box will write down your contact information in Yerevan and give you a red claim ticket. You must save the red ticket to pick up your passport and visa.

Printing your visa requires 2-3 business days after we receive your passport. Due to the high volume of visas we are printing, there are no exceptions or expedited printing requests, even if you have already purchased your return ticket. You can pick up your passport and visa at the embassy on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 5:00 pm (excluding holidays). Please consult the following link for a list of holidays when the embassy is closed:

Passport Dropped Off Visa Pickup (5:00 PM)
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday (before noon) Monday
Friday (after noon) Wednesday

You cannot pick up your passport earlier than 5:00 pm. When you arrive to pick up your passport, please have your red claim ticket ready. We will use the red ticket to match you with your passport. Late arrivals (after 5:15 pm) will not be accepted.

Please plan your time in Yerevan according to this schedule.

Applicants frequently ask if they can have someone else drop off and pick up their passports for them. We always advise applicants to do this themselves. If there are any last minute questions or issues with your visa application, it may be necessary for you to be here to resolve them. However, if an applicant is unable to personally drop off his/her passport, s/he can designate somebody else to drop off and pick up the passport on behalf of the applicant. Whoever drops off your passport will receive your red claim ticket. Whoever has that ticket can pick up your passport. It is your responsibility to ensure that no unauthorized person has your passport or your red claim ticket. Also, be sure to leave a phone number in Yerevan where we can contact you if there are any last minute issues we need to resolve.

Case numbers are posted daily. If your case number has not been posted, you can safely assume that your administrative processing is still pending. Generally, there is no need to contact the consular section unless there has been a change in your purpose of travel.

Student (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. Without being notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

The date stated below, next to your case number, is not a new appointment date.It is the expiration date of your administrative processing. We advise you to come to our office at your earliest convenience when your case number is announced below. Waiting until the expiration date of your administrative processing may cause significant delays.