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Vote 2012

Vote 2012

New federal and state laws – and technology – will make 2012 the easiest election year in history for overseas U.S. voters.  Voting overseas in 2012 requires you to re-register, using your last legal residence in the U.S., through the following shockingly-easy process:

Step 1:  Register.  Go to to register.  This site contains a ‘wizard’ that will direct you based on your own state’s regulations, and complete your Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) — the form you need to complete this year to participate in the 2012 elections as an overseas absentee voter. 

The forms that you complete on should be printed, signed, and either mailed/faxed or e-mailed to your local election officials, based on the guidance provided for your state.  You will also receive election deadline information for your state. 

Step 2:  Receive your Absentee Ballot.  Your local election official will send an appropriate absentee ballot back to you.  States are now required to send out ballots 45 days before an election.  No matter what state you vote in, you can now ask your local election officials to provide your blank ballots to you electronically (by email, internet download, or fax, depending on your state).  You can now also confirm your registration and ballot delivery online.  Be sure to include your email address on the form to take advantage of the electronic ballot delivery option.  This is the fastest and most reliable way to receive your ballot on time, and we strongly recommend every overseas voter take advantage of it. 

Step 3:  Vote Your State Ballot, or use Back-Up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).  Send your ballot back immediately (via DPO/pouch, fax, or even e-mail, depending on your state). 

Step 4:  Think you are too late?  If you registered by the appropriate deadline and didn’t receive a ballot, no problem!  You can complete the FWAB online at



North Carolina - July 17 (R)
Georgia - July 31 (S)
Texas - July 31 (R)


Tennessee - August 2 (S)
Kansas - August 7 (S)
Michigan - August 7 (S)
Missouri - August 7 (S)
Washington - August 7 (S)
Hawaii - August 11 (S)
Connecticut - August 14 (S)
Florida - August 14 (S)
Minnesota - August 14 (S)
Wisconsin - August 14 (S)
Georgia- August 21 (R)
Wyoming - August 21 (S)
Alaska - August 28 (S)
Arizona - August 28 (S)
Oklahoma- August 28 (R)
Vermont - August 28 (S)


Guam - September 1 (S)
Massachusetts - September 6 (S)
Delaware - September 11 (S)
New Hampshire - September 11 (S)
New York - September 13 (S)
Rhode Island - September 11 (S)
Virgin Islands - September 11 (S)


Louisiana - December 1 (R)
Georgia - December 4 (R)

View the Primary Election Calendar at for more information.

Be sure you include an email address, phone number, and/or fax number on your absentee ballot application in case your local election official needs to contact you. Remember, many States allow you to submit your form electronically, and deliver your ballot electronically or provide online ballot access. Go to or your State’s election website to see how you can return your form.

To find out the status of your registration/absentee ballot request, contact your local election office at, or visit your State website.

Vote the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)
The FWAB is a backup ballot. If 30 days before the election (or longer based on your geographic location) you think you will not receive your State ballot in time to vote and return it, vote the FWAB at The FWAB is also available in embassies and consulates and military installations around the world.

Additional information
Check your State’s election website for specific information on candidates, elections, contact information, and links to your local election offices. Find your State’s website at FVAP’s web portal: