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Starting November 9, 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Armenia will be changing its visa procedures to make it easier for approved visa applicants to pick up their visas and for current visa holders to renew their visas.

In particular, all approved visa applicants will no longer have to return to the Embassy to pick up their passports containing their visa. Rather, all approved applicants will pick up their passports with their visas from UMAKS, the DHL representative in Armenia, located at 27 Amiryan St. in Yerevan. Applicants, whose visas are approved, will receive an e-mail notification from their accounts at that their visa is ready for pick up at the Amiryan location. Applicants can also designate third parties to pick up their passports for them providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photo copy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card). For more information please visit

Some individuals, who have previously had visas and meet certain requirements for interview-free visa renewal, will also be able to renew their visas by dropping their application packets off at the Amiryan DHL office after submitting the on-line application and paying the regular visa application fee. If approved, these applicants will receive a notification e-mail to return to DHL to pick up their new visas.

Applicants, who were asked for additional paperwork during the visa interview will also be able to submit those documents via the DHL location.

This change affects all applicants scheduled for interviews or dropping their application packets under the interview-waiver procedure after November 9.

Important Notice

Application Fees: Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application fees for certain visa categories were changed on September 12, 2014.There is no change in visitor (Business, Tourism, Medical Treatment), student, or exchange visitor visa fees.  They remain $160 per applicant. All visa applicants must pay the fee amounts in effect on the day they pay, with the exception of Immigrant Visa application processing fees paid domestically to the National Visa Center (NVC), which will be effective as of the date of billing. More information is available at

General Information

The Consular Section of the U. S. Embassy in Yerevan provides a variety of services for U.S. citizens and Armenian citizens who wish to travel to the U.S. There are two units in the Consular Section: the U.S. Citizen Services Section and the Visa Section.

The Consular Section is located at 1 American Avenue, Yerevan.  There is one Embassy entrance for all visa applicants.  It is located on Isakov Avenue.  Applicants should not try to enter the Embassy on American Avenue.

Please contact the Consular Section by e-mail: for Armenian nonimmigrant visa issues or general consular questions at, for Iranian nonimmigrant visa issues at, for Armenian adoption or immigrant visa issues at, and for Iranian immigrant visa issues at

Please send any supporting documentation, including letters of invitation, directly to visa applicants to present at the time of the interview. The Consular Section cannot match incoming correspondence with upcoming visa applications.

Please review our website for information about applying for nonimmigrant and immigrant visas.  To get details on all types of visas to the United States please visit the U.S. Department of State website by clicking on the following link: